What’s Hot This Year? Sleeves

The wrong kind of sleeves can ruin the cutest outfit. Although usually ignored, sleeves do more to a garment than just add functionality. Before it was just part of an outfit, today it seems they are working to take a look to another level. Sleeves are slowly expanding beyond just utilitarian and apparel design components, and 2022 is bringing back loud sleeves.

They are getting great attention and detail this fashion season. Sleeves have mostly been seen as something that simply covers/protects the arms and shoulders from the heat and tan of the sun or cold winds. “But today, they do more for your clothes than just serve a practical purpose. Sleeves are used to act as a silhouette for your clothes.

Designers seek to add style, movement and structure to a garment through exaggerated yet cute sleeves. They add variety to the clothes you wear to work/college every day,” says Sanjay David, a popular fashion designer. With print, party flute sleeves, layered sleeves, velvet details, fishnet sleeves, wide and tassels, among others. In the summer, Sanjay suggests cap sleeves over simple sleeveless tops which are over the top this season.

“Not just for your t-shirts, tops and dresses, the cap sleeves of your sari blouses make you instantly stand out while making you feel airy,” says Ruffle, kimono, balloons, ruffles, bells and lamb are some of the most beloved and the most worn sleeves.

According to urban fashion influencer Tanusha Bajaj, sleeves add a lot of character to a look. “I love experimenting with sleeves, I like flowy and elaborate sleeves and puffy puff sleeves. The square sleeve trend was also interesting. This summer I would say cold shoulder/off shoulder sleeves and tank tops are safe to play with, as they also add great definition to your look,” she says.

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