Warning! DANGEROUS Google Play Store App FORBIDDEN Due To Joker Malware, Remove It From Phone Immediately

Check your Android smartphone for this dangerous application which has Joker Malware. Save yourself that way.

If you are using an Android smartphone, you should immediately check if your device is infected with this notorious malware which can end up costing you dearly. Joker Malware, one of the most persistent threat actors that keeps coming back to the Google Play Store. It was first detected in 2017 and has become the most popular choice for cyber criminals to invade Android users’ phones. In 2019, the Google Play Store also published a long blog post about its fight against the Joker malware.

Now the Joker malware has been found on an app that has already been downloaded 5,000,000 times from the Google Play Store. The application which poses a serious threat to so many users is known as Color Message. The Google Play Store app seems safe at first glance. It claims to make your texting more fun with new emojis.

But the research team at mobile security solutions company Pradeo have found that the camouflaged app that promises to deliver a “fun and beautiful” messaging experience is actually infected with Joker Malware. The security company classifies the Joker malware as Fleece wear and its primary function is to replicate clicks and acquire SMS to trick users into signing up for unwanted premium paid services.

Color Message does the same. Surprisingly, malware detection is almost a year old, but it was still available on the Google Play Store until December 16. However, the Google Play Store has banned the app from the store. However, the app still poses security concerns for users who have downloaded it in the past still need to have it on their Android devices.

What should you do? If you are one of the 50,000 who downloaded the Color Message app infected with Joker, delete it from your device immediately. You can directly tap the app icon in the menu to get uninstall option. , you can open your Google Play Store and then go to Menu, where you will get the My Apps & Games option. Select the Color Message app and choose Uninstall.

Are you safe now? Apparently not deleting an app is not enough to free your device from its damage. As with the Color Message app, uninstalling would not be enough to cancel the subscriptions you have been secretly taken out due to malware. For this you need to reopen the Google Play Store and switch to subscriptions in the menu.Check out all premium passes for which you have joined and if any of them seems to be suspicious, choose it, then cancel the subscription.

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