Pushpa vs KGF Chapter 1 at the Box Office (Hindi) – DayWise Breakdown

To be honest, Allu Arjun’s film was very poorly promoted considering it was said to be a PAN India film.

Pushpa with Allu Arjun surprised industry insiders who were canceling the Hindi version of the film due to lack of enthusiasm during promotions. In fact, it performs much better than Yash’s KGF Chapter 1, which was declared a success in its Hindi version.

To be fair, Arjun’s film received very poor promotion given that it was rumored to be a PAN India film. Even when the trailer was released, the Hindi trailer was delayed due to some issues. Little has been done to draw people into the Hindi language belt. Whatever numbers come up, it’s all down to Allu Arjun’s popularity and word of mouth. So far, according to the 5-day update, Pushpa has earned 20.14 crore. Interestingly, the numbers for Monday and Tuesday are better than on opening day. Find out about his downtime below:

Day 1- 3.11 crores

Day 2- 3.55 crores

Day 3- 5.18 crores

First weekend- 11.84 crores

Day 4- 4.25 crores

Day 5- 4.05 crores

Till now- 20.14 crores

Pushpa is being compared with Yash’s KGF Chapter 1. Even on social media, fans of Allu Arjun and Yash are seen indulging in a fight over box office numbers. So, let’s take a look at how KGF 1 had earned in its first 5 days.

KGF Chapter 1 day-wise breakdown:

Day 1- 2.10 crores

Day 2- 3 crores

Day 3- 4.10 crores

First weekend- 9.20 crores

Day 4- 2.90 crores

Day 5- 4.35 crores

First 5 days- 16.45 crores

So far, Pushpa has successfully overturned KGF Chapter 1. It will be interesting to see how many days the life of Yash’s action film (44.09 crore) will go beyond. Stay tuned for more box office stories

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