Punjab Assembly adopts resolution against Center’s BSF ordinance, calling it an “insult” to state police

The Punjab assembly on Thursday passed a resolution against the Center’s notification to extend the jurisdiction of the Border Security Force, calling it an “insult” to state police and calling for its withdrawal.

The House unanimously approved the resolution “rejecting” the Center order in the absence of only two BJP members in the state assembly. The Union government amended the BSF law last month to allow border guards to undertake searches, kidnappings and arrests within a radius of 50 km, from the current 15 km, of the international border in Punjab, West Bengal and Assam.

The resolution was proposed by Punjabi Deputy Prime Minister Sukhjinder Singh Gandhara. He said that “the Punjab is a land of martyrs”, “they made exemplary sacrifices in the struggle for the freedom of our country. “The Punjab Police are a unique patriotic force which has contributed immensely to maintaining the unity and integrity of the country. Under the Indian Constitution, the maintenance of public order is the responsibility of the state government and, for this purpose, the government of the Punjab has full jurisdiction. 50 km by the Union government is an expression of mistrust of the state police and the people of Punjab. It is also their insult, ” said the resolution. He further said that the central government should have consulted the state before making such an important decision, adding that the public order situation in Punjab is totally under control and there is no need to expand. 

The jurisdiction of BSF.” All political parties in Punjab unanimously condemned the decision of the Union government and demanded that the Union government withdraw the notification dated 11.10.2021 issued by the Ministry of Interior of the Indian government. ” Therefore, the Punjab Vidal Sasha unanimously decides that a resolution rejecting the notification from the central government on the matter can be passed, “he added. Gandhara called the Center’s notification on the extension of the BSF’s jurisdiction to “attack the federal structure.” He also said House members should meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on this matter. Alkali Hiram leader Singh Majithia told the Chamber that the state congressional government should decide that the Punjab police will not cooperate with the BSF for 15 km.

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