Online Shopping Tips & Tricks: How To Shop Safely Online

Online shopping can be risky and make you prey to online scams. Check tips here to be cyber smart.

Christmas is at the corner, waiting to enter a new year.Tips for Safe Online Shopping.

Make sure you clear your passwords Most cyber attacks start with weak passwords and 579 password attacks happen per second! Removing your Microsoft account password is easy – not only is it more secure, but you never have to worry about forgetting or changing a password again. Remove the password completely if possible and replace it with a more secure authentication method.

Enable multi-factor authentication Enable multi-factor authentication if an account or service provides it. If someone else tries to log into your account, you will be notified by text, email or other means and can prevent them. Password attacks are prevented by MFA in over 99% of cases.

Use reliable toolsThere are several free features that can protect your online shopping. For example, Microsoft Password Monitor will alert you whenever your passwords are compromised and allow you to quickly change your password with the one-click update feature in Edge. Plus, even when you create accounts to get all these wonderful shopping offers, Password Generator automatically provides a unique and secure password recommendation whenever you need it.

Does the case sound extremely fantastic? Warning! In the wave of sales, bogus offers take the flow with it. Beware of offers that are too good to be true. Check links wisely, look for misspellings, additional offers that don’t seem realistic. Enjoy shopping online while being Cyber ​​Smart!

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