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Yoga, meditation and reiki therapies… city folks are heading to gorgeous locations for healthcations now

From vacations to stays, the new term of travel which is around is health. From nine-day courses to three-week courses, Bangladeshis are now flocking to health retreat centers for therapeutic benefits. Yoga, meditation, foot reflexology, and reiki therapy are explored as many health experts address lifestyle and psychological issues after the pandemic.

Kanika Khurana, a banking professional based in Bangalore, has already made two trips to overcome stress and is now considering a third. The 29-year-old believes the pandemic and pressure at work are driving her to travel, not just to explore, but to travel with purpose.

“I have visited Goa and Kodagu before in the past two months. I have attended yoga and meditation sessions to rejuvenate myself on these trips. However, after New Years, I am planning a health trip of at least 12 days in a yoga center in Himachal Pradesh. The goal is to achieve peace, solitude and break away from my nine hours of working life, “says Khurana.

Travel destinations which are mainly known for exotic places now seem to be the place of health.The Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Center in Goa has already registered over 60% of bookings for the Christmas period and the end of the year. According to Sharat Arora, yoga teacher and founder of the center, Bengaluru has been one of the main cities to visit the place in recent months. Thanks to the culture of working from home, many professionals now come to the center. for five and nine days of health care.

“Professionals working in the 30-50 age group have postural imbalances, wrist pain, stress and depression from working from home. Here we are dealing with asana therapies for a period of time. day that can help treat back pain, spondylitis and flat feet, among others. We have also seen a lot of Bengaluru joining and some cases of post-covid recovery, “says Arora, who also adds that he There is yoga for women to deal with issues like PCOD, painful periods, irregular periods, etc.

Raghavendra Chandrashekar, a Thai Yoga Massage expert and founder of IMOSHA Thai Yoga Massage school, Mysuru, says there has been a change in visitors to the center since the pandemic. We are now welcoming more Indians, especially from Bengaluru, who are attending the therapy sessions. Through myofascial healing techniques to energy healing modalities such as Tibetan bell, amatarot, guasa, we are addressing many lifestyle issues that people face, ”says Chandrashekar.SwaSwara

A wellness retreat in Gokarna, presented Spirit of Life, a combination of yoga meditation and a nutritious eating class during the pandemic. According to SwaSwara officials, domestic travelers are visiting the retreat after the pandemic. The meals prepared in retirement are vegetables from organic farming, tropical and seasonal fruits and only fish specialties. The Spirit of Life focuses on activities such as nature trails, bird watching, healthy cooking, pottery making, guided yoga asana sessions that aim to achieve inner peace and positivity in self. among popular therapy sessions, followed by advanced yoga classes such as angamardana, yogasana, and surya kriya.

Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre, Goa

  1.  Nine-days programme Rs 17,000 per head
  2.  Five-days programme Rs 4,500 per head
  3.  21-days programme Rs 50,000 per head 

IMOSHA Thai Yoga Massage School, Mysuru

  1. Single session Rs 1,000 per head 
  2. Three- weeks course Rs 30,000 per head 

SwaSwara, Gokarna (Spirit of Life)

  1. Per night, Mon-Thu Rs 14,600 (Single/Double)
  2. Per night, Fri-Sun Rs 16,000 (Single/Double)
  3. Extra person Rs 1,900 (12 years & above)
  4. Lunch/Dinner Rs 1,300 per person 
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