North Korea launches second hypersonic missile in fiery test

The launch on Wednesday was the first by North Korea since October and was detected by several militaries in the region, drawing criticism from governments in the United States, South Korea, and Japan.

North Korea launched a hypersonic ballistic missile this week that successfully hit a target, state news agency KCNA reported, its second such test as the country pursues new military capabilities amid the denuclearization talks stalled.

Wednesday’s launch was the first from North Korea since October and was detected by multiple armies in the region, drawing criticism from governments in the United States, South Korea and Japan. North Korea first tested a hypersonic missile in September, joining a race led by major military powers to deploy the advanced weapons system. Unlike ballistic missiles that fly through space before returning on steep trajectories, hypersonic weapons fly towards targets at altitudes more than five times the speed of sound, or about 6,200 km / h (3,850 mph) .

KCNA Report. In Wednesday’s test, the “hypersonic planing warhead” detached from its rocket and maneuvered sideways for 120 km (75 miles) before “accurately hitting” a target 700 km (430 miles) away, reported KCNA. . The test also confirmed components such as flight control and its ability to operate in winter, KCNA added. The missile has demonstrated its ability to combine “multi-stage gliding and strong lateral maneuvers,” KCNA said. Nuclear bombs or long-range intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) untested since 2017, in recent years North Korea has developed and launched a range of more maneuverable missiles and warheads likely aimed at overcoming missile defenses such as those used by South Korea and the United States, analysts said. “My impression is that the North Koreans have identified hypersonic gliders as a potentially useful qualitative means of dealing with missile defense,” said Ankit Panda, senior researcher at U.Security Council resolutions and represents a threat to the neighbors of North Korea and the international community.

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