Men’s Fashion Industry Has Shifted From Casual Cool To Streetwear, According To Fashion Expert Sanket Mehta

Over the past five years, India has kept pace with the latest fashions and trends and has seen men’s fashion shift from casual cool to streetwear.

New Delhi: Menswear is a subject that not all influencers tackle. Breaking stereotypes and creating a niche for men is no easy task. The adoption of the luxury lifestyle among consumers and the rise of urbanization has generated a class of modern consumers who are passionate about current fashion. Interestingly, fashion is an ever-changing industry and has always proudly carried change.

Changing fashion trends is a fundamental part of the identity of the fashion industry. It’s not really fashion to wear weird clothes and walk down the street. It’s about wearing your style statement with confidence. It’s about seeing what matches your personality and what puts you in a good mood.

Despite the enormous size of its market and relentless demand, the fashion industry has been affected during the Covid19 pandemic and customers and brand owners are trying to weather the consequences of the crisis. Speaking about the latest trends in the fashion industry and its future graphic designer, fashion expert and influencer, Sanket Mehta said that over the past five years India has kept pace with the latest fashions and trends and has seen men of fashion go from casual cool to streetwear.

“Slowly and gradually the lines between men’s and women’s fashion are blurring. You will often see women shopping in the men’s clothing section and men in the women’s accessories section,” she said.

Further speaking about latest trends of the industry, Mehta said fashion culture that has picked up in India recently is thrift shopping.”People are now open to buying used clothes as long as they are in great condition and keep up the latest trends.Upcycling and sustainability are becoming an integral part of the fashion industry,” the fashion expert noted.

“During the lockdown, many small businesses suffered heavily.Due to the awareness that was created by the social media platforms and their users, small brands are getting good traction now.The buyers are more willing to purchase clothes from them,” Mehta added.Speaking about the advent of online platforms and its impact on fashion industry, Mehta said social media platforms and OTTs expose the audience to fashion trends from around the world.

He also pointed out that people in India are accepting small and upcoming Indian brands that they come across on social media platforms.

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