Ludhiana’s Explosive Charge Was In Contact With The Drug Lord, Calls Were Traced

The role of the authorities at Ludhiana Central Prison has been brought under control in the context of the recent explosion of the judicial complex here. We learn that the plot of the incident was hatched by the suspects using cell phones while they were hospitalized in this prison.

Sub-trial filed at Ludhiana central prison reportedly made phone calls to defendant Gagandeep Singh, who died in crash

Drug lord Ranjit Singh Cheeta and terrorist case Sukhwinder Singh Soni, both held in prison, allegedly had phone calls with blast suspect Gagandeep Singh, a sacked police officer from Punjab who died in the crash. Sources say police seized cell phones used by Cheeta and Soni to communicate with Gagandeep and to facilitate his interaction with some pro-Khalistani activists.

Despite the fact that around 150 phones are seized each year from inmates at Ludhiana Central Prison, authorities have not been able to determine the channel through which inmates obtain the phones or establish the collusion of officials from prison.

Prison superintendent Balkar Singh said inmates could get the phones with the help of strangers tossing them over the prison wall or there could be the connivance of some corrupt prison officials . “Soni and Cheeta have been questioned and the police will soon find out how they got the phone,” he said.

In May this year, a video of Manvinder Singh, aka Nikka Jatana’s shisha party, who is facing 16 criminal cases, went viral. In June 2020, Nikka Jatana allegedly plotted a deadly attack on rival gangsters using a phone in prison. He later accepted responsibility for the attack via a social media post.

On April 28, 2019, the STF arrested a smuggler with 440 gm of heroin. The drug trafficking was run by her son from prison using a cell phone.

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