Kangana says India got “true freedom” in 2014. Varun Gandhi says, “Madness?

Reacting to Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut’s comment that India gained true freedom in 2014, BJP MP Va run Gandhi exclaimed on Thursday that he should call the idea “madness” or “betrayal”. Banana Renault’s video went viral on social media as several celebrities strongly criticized what Banana said. Taking part in the annual summit of a national media network, guest speaker Banana spoke about India’s struggle for freedom.

“Who ALADI Nazi the, who cheek the. AUR Jo ALADI mile HAI who 2014 Mai mile HAI (It wasn’t freedom, it was alms. We had real freedom in 2014.)” “Sometimes a insult to sacrifice and penance by Mahatma Gandhi, something that shows respect for his assassin and now this contempt for the sacrifices of millions of freedom fighters starting with Mangal Pandey to Rani Laxmibai, Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad, Netaji and more. I should call this thought process madness or betrayal, “tweeted Varun Gandhi, who spoke out against his own party by sharing the viral video. He will speak about India’s struggle for freedom.Speaking about Savarkar and Congress’ claim that Savarkar was not a patriot, 

Kangana said: “This is a very broad subject. I have studied a lot and made a film. It is very clear that the British did not conquer India with a democratic process. It was a forced occupation of that nation. There were a few battles here and there, but in 1857 there was a decisive struggle for freedom. follow-up is the most unhappy part of the story. The most unfortunate part of what happened to the Jews too. It was not printed in the media .. whether it was the Jalianwalabagh massacre or the Bengal famine They went to look for the Indians because they were able to stop the first fight …left us literally hungry. 

Kangana recently visited Veer Savarkar’s cell on Andaman Island for Tejas’ upcoming film and said the story was rewritten by a group of people who omitted this part. dose of anesthesia, the actor said. “The British were well aware that the blood was being shed, but they decided who was going to be shed. It shouldn’t be their blood. And for that, they needed people who could help them so that the blood of India would flow but not theirs. . These are people we call Liberals or Congressional people. When you’ve been conquered after a fight, how can you achieve independence as a ‘bheekh’, “the actor asked. Land of man. What the British left behind in the name of Congress is was the extension of the British, ”Kangana said.

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