“It was intended to arrive”: Aakash Chopra on virat Kohli is shot as Captain ODI

Speaking on his YouTube channel, former cricketer Aakash Chopra supported BCCI’s decision to sack Virat Kohli from Team India’s ODI captaincy and also supported Rohit Sharma.

BCCI announced on Wednesday that it would cede the role of leader of white ball cricket to Rohit Sharma, sacking Virat Kohli as captain of the Indian ODI. Mumbai Indians (MI) skipper Rohit had previously assumed the position of T20I captain of the Indian team after the T20 World Cup and the recent move was “destined to happen” according to former cricketer Aakash Chopra .

Speaking on his YouTube channel, the commentator explained that the Indian Cricket Council distinguishes between white ball cricket and red ball cricket. “We had already discussed that this should have happened.

The day Virat Kohli left the captain of the T20I it was assumed that he would also lose his captain very early on,” he said. “You will go with the captain of the T20. Whoever is the captain of the T20I will obviously also be the leader of the ODI.

The 44-year-old also explained that you can’t have a player as a Test and ODI skipper but not as a T20I captain. “It never happened in the world that Captain Test was ODI captain and not T20 captain. Or as Test captain and T20 captain, but not in a day,” he said. “

The distinction still goes to white ball cricket and red ball cricket and that distinction has been resolved. In September ahead of the T20 World Cup, Kohli had already announced that he would be stepping down as T20I skipper. workload issues.

He also mentioned his interest in continuing to lead India in the ODI and Test formats. Rohit started his tenure as full-time T20I captain on a strong note, scoring a victory of 30 against the Blackcaps in November. Meanwhile, Kohli was rested for the series but returned for ongoing test matches.

Praising Rohit, Chopra said: “He’s very good tactically.” The coin will fall on its side. He’s a lucky captain, ”he joked.

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