India is on the move, it will be one of the leading nations at its 100th anniversary: D​​oval

Ajit Doval said maintaining law and order in every part of the 32 lakh sq km of India is also the responsibility of police forces.

India will usher in a new era as it heads towards its 100th anniversary of independence and will be known for its “many achievements and many achievements” as one of the world’s leading nations, the adviser said on Friday. National security, Ajit Doval. 

It will be another India then. India is on the move, and you will see that you will lead these police forces at a time when it will bring India which has a new place on the international stage, ” Doval told young Indian Police Service Officers (IPS) in Hyderabad. . The NSA spoke at the 73rd IPS Test Group parade at the Radar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy (SVPNPA). elected by these ballot boxes, said Doval.

“You are the ones who enforce these laws. As long as they are politely executed and enforced and serve the people, they will come out,”

he said. laws It’s important: no nation can be built where the rule of law has failed.You will be responsible for managing the borders of this country. Fifteen thousand kilometers of border, most of them have these particular problems, “he added.” There is a border in Pakistan with China or Myanmar or Bangladesh. We have had different types of security issues that are handled by the police and the central police organizations that guard these borders, ”Doval said.

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