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1. Market Buzz

The global cryptocurrency market cap has shrunk 0.04% in the past 24 hours to $ 2.36 trillion. As for the major cryptocurrencies in the world, Bitcoin edged down 1.20% while Ethereum (Rs 3.49,556) rose 1.47%. Cardano (Rs 109.39) fell 0.09%. Avalanche (Rs 7,267.)

2. International Take

On December 8, Visa Inc, the world’s largest payment processor, launched a global cryptocurrency advisory service for clients such as banks and even merchants as digital currency adoption gains traction.

3. Cryptocurrency Central 

The crowdfunding platform Kickstarter is creating a new organization tasked with creating a blockchain version of its platform. The new organization, which has no name yet, is expected to start developing the platform early next year. Kickstarter plans to switch to the new platform when the protocol is ready; targeting 2022, Bloomberg reported.

4. NFT Mania

Founded in May 1968, reason is a libertarian magazine focused on free markets and individual freedom.

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