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They tell us how fashion and luxury to them means a tool to assist in expressing their true self.

BENGALURU: Comfort, community, awareness and communication, mainly via social media, are what drives Generation Z (the generation born between 1995 and 2005), our youngest creatives today. Spending almost every waking hour online, in their world the rules of comfort – think sweatshirts, t-shirts, trans-seasonal / gender-neutral clothing, luxury streetwear, athleisure and sneakers. Local brands, sustainable labels and ethical practices hold value to them, as well as anything considered individualistic and unique.

Three Generation Z Namma Ooru designers believe millennials get their inspiration not from catwalks or magazines, but from Instagram and Pinterest. They explain to us to what extent fashion and luxury are a tool for them to express themselves.

I consider my style to be androgynous,” says Vir Naidu, breaking the stigma of traditional clothing for men and women, adding that his biggest creative influence has been his mother, Ila Naidu, who still needs serious styling. Échos Vir, “S has always encouraged me to express myself fully and pushes the boundaries of my style and design.” As a member of Gen Z, Vir believes a large portion of their consumption is driven by social media trends. is trendy, which leads many of us to consume quick fashion. Fast fashion is practical but exploitative.”As a creative head for the three eleven young brands (3xi), he adds:

We wanted to create a brand that provides Gen Z with the ability to consciously consume everything in the elegant air to do it. The brand usesWith the growth of online style videos, he believes this generation is more sensitive to visual stimuli. Therefore, several ways of modeling a garment will become important in the design process of the future. Appearing as the most sustainable generation, there is a strong sense of confidence in Gen Z over Gen Y. Always with the goal of making positive changes, they have already made significant strides in the clothing industry. fashion in terms of inclusion, diversity and sustainability.

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