From iPhone 13 to iPhone 11, here’s a look at Apple Days sales discounts – check out details here

If you have an AMEX credit card, you will be entitled to a 7.5 percent cashback up to Rs 5,000.

The Apple Days sale is currently being hosted by Vijay Sales. As a result, it might be the best time to buy an iPhone. While there are other end-of-year specials currently out there, this one might be the best one to check out if you’re looking for a decent deal on an iPhone. Not only does the sale include the all-new iPhone 13, but it also includes big discounts on older iPhone models. If you have an AMEX credit card you will be entitled to a 7.5% refund at Rs 5,000. The total value of your cart must be at least Rs 20,000 for this discount to work. Bank of Baroda and RBL credit cards offer a 5% reward up to Rs 2,000 on purchases.

If you are interested in purchasing the latest iPhone 13, Vijay Sales offers savings across the board. That means you’ll get discounts on all models, whether you buy the entry-level iPhone 13 or the high-end iPhone 13 Pro Max.Here is how it works:

iPhone 13 mini 128GB – Rs 66,400 instead of Rs 69,900

iPhone 13 mini 256GB – Rs 75,900 instead of Rs 79,900

iPhone 13 mini 512GB – Rs 99,890 instead of Rs 99,900

iPhone 13 128GB – Rs 77,100 instead of Rs 79,900

iPhone 13 256GB – Rs 86,700 instead of Rs 89,900

iPhone 13 512GB – Rs 1,06,000, instead of Rs 1,09,900

iPhone 13 Pro 128GB – Rs 1,13,900 instead of Rs 1,19,900

iPhone 13 Pro 256GB – Rs 1,23,400 instead of Rs 1,29,900

iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB – Rs 1,32,900 instead of Rs 1,39,900

Vijay Sales also gives discounts on older iPhones if you’re seeking them. The following is a list of discounted prices for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 series.

iPhone 11 64GB – Rs 47,400 instead of Rs 49,900

iPhone 11 128GB – Rs 52,200 instead of Rs 59,900

iPhone 11 256GB – Rs 59,999 instead of Rs 69,900

iPhone 12 mini 64GB – Rs 59,999 instead of Rs 69,900

iPhone 12 mini 128GB – Rs 63,999 instead of Rs 74,900

iPhone 12 64GB – Rs 61,299 instead of Rs 65,900

iPhone 12 128GB – Rs 65,999 instead of Rs 70,900

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