‘Don’t shoot’: Kazakhs overseas call for calm as Russia sends in troops to quell uprising

On Wednesday, Kazakhs in London staged a protest to appeal to foreign forces to desist from shooting protesters in the troubled nation. This comes after Russia sent in troops to control the situation in Kazakhstan

Kazakh protesters in London have a simple message when Russia sent paratroopers to quell a riot after deadly violence spread to the former Soviet republic: “Don’t shoot. Dozens of people have been killed in Almaty, Kazakhstan’s largest city, during the riots. Reuters reporters on the ground reported that a presidential residence and the mayor’s office were both set on fire.

“We do not support foreign military forces in our country,” said to Reuters Sabyr, a 33-year-old Kazakh, in London. Sabyr, who declined to give his middle name, was among a small group of Kazakhs who gathered outside the Kazakhstani embassy in London on Wednesday evening. 81, supreme leader of Kazakhstan from the Soviet Union Others held placards with the s critta “Do not shoot” and “We are with you.” “PROTESTS AGAINST TYRANNY” “The demonstrations are against tyranny, the tyranny of a dictatorship that has not changed for over 30 years, “Sabyr told Reuters.

“The people of Kazakhstan are fighting for their freedom. Nazarbayev, the first president elected in 1990 as the Soviet Union crumbled, ruled the vast Steppe nation until independence, attracting foreign investment in the energy and metals sectors and balancing relations along with powerful neighbors, Russia and China resigned as president in 2019. His chosen successor, President Kassym Jomart Tokayev, appealed overnight to Russia’s allied forces as part of an alliance Moscow-led military of former Soviet states and weapons.

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