COP26: China and United States announce collaboration plan to reduce methane emissions

In a joint statement, the two countries said that they considered “increased action to control and reduce such emissions to be a matter of necessity” in the 2020s.

An unexpected bilateral deal between the United States and China, in which Beijing pledged to finalize a plan to cut its methane emissions this decade, sparked new enthusiasm at the Glasgow climate conference as the Negotiators continued their efforts to iron out the thorny issues that blocked progress. China had stayed away from a pledge that more than 100 other countries had made last week: to reduce methane emissions by 30% from current levels by 2030. The United States was part of that” I’m in “.

In the bilateral agreement, China did not take any targets for reducing methane emissions, but only said it would work to reduce them. But this is still seen as a step forward, given that China is a major emitter of methane. Read also | India raises financial concerns as COP 26 arrives in week two. Methane is one of the six greenhouse gases primarily responsible for global warming. Molecule by molecule, it is much more harmful than carbon dioxide, the most widespread greenhouse gas because, although it stays in the atmosphere much shorter than CO2. 80 times that of carbon dioxide.

China and the United States have had a productive bilateral dialogue on climate action in recent years. China’s pledge to allow greenhouse gas emissions to peak by 2030 also appeared in a similar bilateral statement. Need ” in the 2020s. Regarding the reduction of CO2 emissions, the United States stressed that their electricity production would become 100% carbon-free by 203Annualual plan, from 2025, and“ do everything possible to speed up this work ”.

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