Changing The Shopping Experience In The New Normal

The grand mall has completely transformed the shopping scene in all of Delhi/NCR, setting a new lifestyle and business benchmarks for its customers

Yogeshwar Sharma, Select CITYWALK is one of the most admired, exclusive and responsible malls in all of India. Having created a niche for itself, the mall has spearheaded a retail revolution for India’s most discerning shoppers over the past 13 years.

The grand mall has completely transformed the Delhi/NCR shopping scene by setting new lifestyle and shopping standards for its customers. Most of the international brands have launched and debuted in India through Select CITYWALK.

The mall is home to over 192+ acclaimed Indian and international brands. In addition to this, the mall is among the leaders in environmental management with zero waste and water discharge. Responding to Changing Consumer Expectations Consumer behavior is constantly changing. Today, they are looking for a destination experience for the whole family.

They seek a sense of discovery and pleasure that will bring them more satisfaction beyond therapeutic shopping or meals. To adapt to changing consumer expectations, Select CITYWALK has created craft popups in different categories, which have received many responses from consumers of attention,” says Yogeshwar Sharma, Executive Director, Select CITYWALK.

The next change was to orient with a physical presence that ensures uninterrupted operations for the benefit of consumers. We have managed to have a personal shopper and a home delivery and concierge service over the last two years of the pandemic, which has been beneficial for all retailers,” he adds.

Changing categories Fashion, leisurewear and accessories are attracting consumer interest. Food service is also one of the main drivers that attract consumers to the mall. Along with this, people are very interested in entertainment, luxury items, as well as beauty and wellness.

“The tangible and experiential aspect of retail can never be replaced, especially in sectors such as luxury, wellness and beauty, as well as fashion. Select CITYWALK welcomed 9 new retail stores in brands like Hugo Boss, Melissa, Seiko, Sephora, Misree, Ellementry, Cococart and Icononmic Exclusive have found a new home at Select CITYWALK just in time for the festive winter season, giving shoppers more reason to shop rejoice,” says Sharma.

“We have also upgraded stores for ZARA and Sephora, which are the best stores in the country. Despite an unprecedented global pandemic year, Select CITYWALK improved its portfolio by opening more than 20 stores.”

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