Bitcoin scam accused of hacking Jan Dhan’s accounts, transferred Rs 6,000 crore: Kumaraswamy

Amid opposition fury over the bitcoin scam in Karnataka, Prime Minister Basavaraj S Tommie met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday. The CM said the prime minister did not discuss the scam but addressed various topics regarding the development of the state. When asked if the bitcoin scam had been discussed, the Prime Minister of Karnataka said: “I tried to share it. He (Mode) said not to worry … He m ‘said to work faithfully and boldly in the interest of the people., the rest will be fine “. Basavaraj Bommai, who is on a two-day visit to the nation’s capital, met Prime Minister Narendra Modi for 30 minutes at his residence in Lok Kalyan Marg and discussed in detail many issues related in particular to the administrative actions taken during the 100 last days after taking office as Prime Minister of Karnataka A bitcoin scam has recently driven the government of Karnataka. Opposition leaders in Congress said “influential politicians” were involved in the scam after officials seized Rs.9 million worth of bitcoin from a city hacker, Srikrishna aka Sriki, who is also accused of hacking government portals, buying drugs through the dark network and paying for them through cryptocurrency.

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