Antim Box Office Predictions: Will be based on Salman Khan’s Pull Over The Masses!

Antim is arriving on a clash with Satyameva Jayate 2 which is sequel to a hit film and again boasts of a massy narrative for the single screen segment

What is Salman Khan’s part in Antim The Final Truth? While speculation has abounded on this question since the announcement of the movie starring Aayush Sharma in the lead role, come on Friday and everything would be answered.

Of course, since the film’s promotion began about two months ago, it has become increasingly clear that the superstar is not in an extended cameo or a special appearance, but in a very important role. However, it would be the end results to reveal if this was a true Salman Khan star, so a 20 crore opening day was here to be taken. However, director Mahesh Manjrekar and co. the main protagonist here and Salman is mostly in a key role.

This kind of creates the impression in the minds of the public that the superstar’s presence is basically an added benefit here. Antim clashes with Satyameva Jayate 2 which is the sequel to a blockbuster movie and once again claims massive storytelling for the one-screen segment, the exact spot where Antim The Final Truth also has its target audience. .

With the screens splitting, you can’t be too sure how the day one number will perform.The advantage of Antim is that it is a normal Friday release and therefore the connection with the audience is better established. Looking at all of this, a 67 crore count for opening day would be a good start for the film, and so it would be about growing over the weekend.

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