Activate War Rooms, Night Curfew If Necessary, The Center Indicates The States: 10 Points

Omicron Scare: Thresholds, according to the Center, are 10% or more test positivity in the past week or 40% occupancy on oxygen beds or intensive care beds. States must adopt “containment measures, brakes even before thresholds are reached”.

New Delhi: The Micron is three times more infectious than the Delta and “chambers of war” are needed to contain it, the Center said. He listed a number of prevention and containment measures that included extensive testing, a nighttime curfew and the regulation of gatherings.

Here are the Top 10 points in this big story:

  • The letter from the health ministry said actions taken should be based on local conditions, setting guidelines for what he called “threshold limits.”
  • The cutoffs, according to the Center, are 10% or more positive test positivity in the past week or 40% occupancy on oxygen or intensive care beds.
  • States and territories of the Union can take “confinement measures, bother before the thresholds are achieved,” the center said.
  • In addition to Omicron, the Delta variant is “still present” in various parts of the country, the letter says.
  • Calling for “greater foresight, data analysis, dynamic decision-making and rigorous and timely containment actions,” the letter said decision-making at the state / UT and district levels “must be very rapid and targeted and adopt containment measures and restrictions as well before these “thresholds. are reached”.
  • As part of the testing and surveillance methods, the Center cited door-to-door searches, contact tracing of all people positive for Covid.
  • Cluster infection samples should be sent immediately to INSACOG laboratories for genome sequencing.
  • States were also urged to “accelerate and ensure” 100% immunization coverage.
  • It was also suggested that emergency funds be used to modernize medical infrastructure, including hospital beds, ambulances, oxygen equipment and drugs.
  • The number of Omicron cases has passed 200 in India, the health ministry said. Maharashtra and Delhi reported the highest number of cases of the new variant 54. They are followed by Telangana (20 cases), Karnataka (19), Rajasthan (18), Kerala (15) and Gujarat (14). Among them, 77 patients have recovered or emigrated, the ministry added.
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